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Fr. Lungu (L) and Mr. Kaira(R) signing the MoUZambia Co...
The Zambia Catholic Bishops in Zambia have re-elected A...
2017 Extraordinary National Catholic Forum DeligatesThe...
Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) National H...

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Fr. Lungu (L) and Mr. Kaira(R) signing the MoU

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishop (ZCCB) through Caritas Zambia and the World Vision (Z) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formally work together on protecting children among others issues.



The Zambia Catholic Bishops in Zambia have re-elected Archbishop Telesphore George Mpundu as President of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops. Read more...


2017 Extraordinary National Catholic Forum Deligates

The 2017 extraordinary National Catholic Forum of the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) has opened in Lusaka.



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Finance and Administration Department (FAD)
Overview of FAD
The Finance and Administration Department (FAD) is one of the Departments under the Catholic Secretariat. It is composed of four distinct operating units namely the Accounts, Human Resource, Projects/ Real Estates and the Immigration Unit. All these units provide core business services to the Catholic Secretariat under the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) in line with the teaching of the Catholic Church. The services offered by various units under FAD are intended to provide services in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner by utilizing quality employees, technological advances and generally accepted principles while fulfilling the expectation set by the Catholic Secretariat. The primary focus of the Finance and Administration Department is therefore to provide quality service, ensure accountability, to have highly motivated and committed staff and to have sound financial management counsel to the Catholic Secretariat Management Team (CSMT).
1- FAD Mission Statement
Our mission as  the Finance and Administration Department is to:
Be the custodians  of  the  financial and  material resources of  ZEC and promote sound financial  and material management for the  episcopal conference.
Provide quality services, products, and programs in line with the  teaching of the Catholic Church and expectations of the  Catholic Secretariat
Be an efficient and effective department under the  Catholic Secretariat.
Support and promote the  mission, vision, values  and  objectives  of the Catholic Secretariat
2- FAD Vision Statement
We as FAD aspire to be a preeminent financial service department of the Catholic Secretariat and set the standard by which other departments under the Secretariat shall measure success.
3- FAD Value Statements
a-Excellence/Quality: We value innovative, timely, efficient, solution-oriented, and cost-effective services and systems.  We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  We provide leadership to the Catholic Secretariat in delivering proactive financial services in support of the Catholic Secretariat Strategic Plan.
b-Employee Focus:  We are committed to the success of our employees as they are our most valuable resource and ensure that we have committed, honest and motivated staff.
c-Teamwork:  We value the contribution our staff are making in achieving our mission. Again, we support and encourage teamwork and personal development to ensure a high level of competence, expertise, and customer satisfaction. 
d- Integrity:  We provide services in an honest, transparent, ethical, open, courteous, caring and concerned manner, respecting all people and the free exchange of ideas.
e- Stewardship:  We practice sound financial and material management and are committed to ensuring accountability and the efficient and effective use of Catholic Secretariat resources.   
f-Communication:  We communicate with our customers, partners, and donors and internally to manage expectations and assure the highest levels of satisfaction.  We actively seek partnership opportunities and solicit employee and customer input and respond to their concerns.

4-The Finance and Administration Department shall: -

a-be responsible for  the  supervision, administration and  overall planning of the  financial activities  of the  Catholic Secretariat.

b-manage material and financial resources of the Catholic Secretariat as well as specific donor funded projects.

c- Be at the service of God through people we have been called to serve in spearheading the prudent management of the Catholic Church’s material and financial resources.

d-Advise the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) on investment opportunities for effective management of resources.

e-Ensure the smooth running of other departments by providing them with adequate financial and material resources to enable them carry out their planned activities.

5-    The FAD Mandate
The  Mandate of the Administration Department include:

a-Human Resource Management

i- Recruitment and Selection

ii-Training and Development

iii-Employee and Labour Relations

iv-Safety and Risk Management

v- Compensation and Benefits

vi- Immigration issues  for Catholic Church Personnel coming from outside Zambia
b- Financial Management
i-The task of the department shall be to assist the Zambia Episcopal Conference in its business transactions and in the administration of its finances and other material resource. The Department shall exercise its functions through the Accounts Office of ZEC and a Financial Management Committee.
ii-The Department shall make recommendations to the Catholic Secretariat Management Team (CSMT) concerning the annual budget and financial reports of the General Secretariat, the Departments and the Offices.
iii-The Department’s Financial Management Committee shall consist of the Episcopal Committee and the Finance and Administration Department.
iv-The day-to-day financial and material management of ZEC shall be entrusted to the Financial Manager, the Accounts Office and the Secretary General.
c- General Office Management and Running provides services, which include:
i-  Provision of offices for all staff.
ii- Provision of all office equipment for use by staff e.g. Computers.
iii- Ensuring a clean and secure office environment.
iv- Ensuring availability of adequate lighting, water, telecommunication, email, fax, computers etc.
v-  Providing, where possible, designated parking for vehicles.
vi- Ensuring availability of stationery.
vii-Ensuring availability of adequate photocopying services/facilities.
viii- Setting of internal operating rules.
d-    Transport Management
i- Provision of motorised transport to Departmental Heads under Catholic Secretariat for the discharging of his/her official duties.

ii-  The department is responsible for the acquisition of  motorised transport

iii-   It provides fuel for all poor vehicles

iv-   It is in charge of repairing and Maintenance of all vehicles, trucks and minibuses

e-  Registry Management
i- All incoming and outgoing mails must go through the registry.

The registry has in place good and efficient record filing and trucking systems for all the records i.e. all mail must be recorded in a mail book, filed and the file sent to the addressee for action. The registry shall maintain a file movement book for tracking all station files.

f-  Project and Asset Management
This includes;

i-  Acquisition of assets

ii-    Management of assets such as engraving, locating, and checking/counting, maintaining asset register, etc.

iii-   Recommending disposal of assets

iv-   Project  proposal writing

v-    Project implementation and  reporting

g-     Property Management

i-   Management of all the property of includes land, buildings and other installations

ii-   Facilitating engagement of  property managers

h-    Security and Safety
i- Security is supposed to be provided at all sites under Catholic Secretariat.

ii-Security should be for all assets and property.

iii-Users must ensure safety of assets in their possession.

iv- Security shall be provided through hiring of a reputable firm.

v-Risk assessment must be conducted to determine what special areas the security firm shall cover.

6-  Staff
The Finance and Administration Department shall consist of the following:
a- an Episcopal Chairperson, an Episcopal Vice-Chairperson and a third Episcopal member
b-  the Secretary General
c-  the Financial Manager
d- The Accountant
e- The Human Resource Officer
f-  The Immigration Officer
g- The Projects/ Real Estates  Officer
h- Two or three consultants
7-  Meetings
a- The Finance and Administration Department Staff meets at least once a week.
b-  The Financial Management Committee meets on a monthly basis.
c-  FAD presents a  Departmental Monthly  Report to the Catholic Secretariat Management Team (CSMT) meetings  and  to  the ZEC Finance  Commission

8-    Organisation Chart

9- Key Developments in the Current Year, 2013
a- The year 2013 started on a good note in the sense that the following people were recruited and started work; The Fad Manager, an Accountant, The Human Resource Officer, Assistant Human Resource Officer and The Projects/ Real Estates Officer.
b- The financial involvement of FAD facilitated the   official opening of Cardinal Adam Memorial Hospital (CAMH) to take place on March 6th 2013.
c-Construction of an admission ward has continued at CAMH under the supervision of FAD and work is progressing well although erratic funding has delayed the completion of the project.
d-FAD undertook a project to extend the Car Park here at the Catholic Secretariat and ensured that the project is completed within the agreed time.
e-Through the Projects Unit,  FAD   managed  to have  a  borehole  drilled at Chitambo Square, a new submersible pump installed and  then putting up  a  new piping system so as to improve  the  water supply at our flats in Chitambo Square.
f- FAD has managed to embark on a project to extend Kapingila ZEC Guest House and the work is still in progress.
g- On staff welfare, FAD has managed to enter into an agreement with Micro-Finance Zambia so that our employees may access loans for their personal needs.

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