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The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has granted Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) national TV construction permit.
ZEC Director for Communication Father Winfield Kunda who has disclosed the development has added that national Catholic TV station will be called LUMEN TV (Z)and be based in Lusaka. 

Father Kunda who says the development has excited the Church in Zambia for it has waited for more than 10 years for a TV licence, however said the development is a mammoth task that calls for support from all Catholics and people of good will.
Father Kunda says that once Lumen TV (Z) becomes operational it will broadcasting through out the country. He has appealed for content contribution from all the church run production houses in Zambia to make it a success.
In a letter dated 10th August, 2015 and addressed to the Zambia Episcopal Conference Secretary General Father Cleophas Lungu, the Independent Broadcasting Authority Director General Josephine Mapoma authorised the Catholic Church in Zambia to be a content provider to the Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation (ZNBC) bouquet via its national TV station.


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