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The Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) has appealed to Journalists working in its media houses not to put the name of the Catholic Church in disrepute through their reporting and programming.

ZEC Chairperson for Communication Right Rev. Moses Hamungole said that as the country gets closer to 2016 tripartite elections, Catholic media houses should stay focused and professional in their line of duty.
“I urge you to stay focused and professional in your line of duty. Be balanced, accurate and seek the voices of all the people involved in the news stories before airing.  Avoid being biased and partisan as that may put the name of the church that has stood nonpartisan in disrepute. Should you be seen or seem to become partisan the good name you have earned yourselves over the years risks going down the drain” Bishop Moses cautioned.
He added that the Catholic Church in Zambia sees radio as an important tool for spreading its prophetic voice on various matters and that it has proved to be a tool for development.
“As you gather here, I urge you to work together as catholic radio station In Zambia” He said.
He also advised Catholic media managers not to run the church media outlets like personal media.
Bishop Moses Hamungole was speaking on Monday, 8th February, 2016 at a workshop for Catholic media workers in Kasisi area of Lusaka under the theme; Reporting Church News.
And speaking at the same event, Catholic Media Services (CMS) Director Fr. Winfield Kunda implored Journalists in catholic run media houses not to fall into the trap of following circular media programming. 
He said Catholic radio stations should project a wonderful voice of counsel on members of our society and be a reliable voice on vices in society. 
“Let the Catholic Church media be a reliable voice to condemn drug abuse, tribalism, corruption, violence in homes and other vices. Ours should be the media which is objective, fair, balanced and that which remain truthful to the message of Jesus Christ. I urge you to talk about evils that the bad governance has brought in society, also what the advent of internet has brought on families that are not using it well.” He said. 
 “Our colleagues in the circular media have a tripartite mandate of Informing, Educating and Entertaining but us, working for the Church media  is to Evangelise, Inform, Educate and Entertain our audience” He added.


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