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Fr. Mark Mwale, Fr. Gabriel Msipu, Bishop George Lungu and Fr. Mathias Mchona.
Chipata Diocese Bishop George Lungu says priests should be at the centre of reconciliation among the people.

In his homily during the silver jubilee for Fr Gabriel Msipu, Fr Mathias Mchona Phiri and Fr Mark Mwale at St Mary’s Junior seminary on Saturday, 17th September, 2016, Bishop Lungu said priests play an important role in society. “A priest is at war and the type of war is difficult because we fight with an invisible enemy. It is easy to fight with someone who is visible because you can see where to throw your punches, but if your enemy is not seen, it means you have to go through a special training so that you win that war against an invisible enemy. A priest cannot manage to win this type of war without reconciling with God,” he said. Bishop Lungu said priesthood is centred on reconciling people with Christ, promoting unity and oneness. “The core of priesthood is to remain united with Jesus Christ who is the Chief Priest, Bishop, fellow priests, the religious and Christians themselves. Where there is unity there is oneness, so it is important that during this feast we reconcile between ourselves and our colleagues who are doing their jubilee so that we start a new life of love, unity and that of reconciliation in our calling,” Bishop Lungu said. The three priests were ordained by late Joseph Medardo Cardinal Mazombwe at St Anne’s Cathedral in 1991. Fr. Gabriel Msipu is Catholic Secretariat Finance and Administration Manager.

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