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Archbishop Ignatious Chama (glases) and PMS national Director (clerical Collar) Fr. Edwin Mulandu posing for a photo with participants

Archbishop Ignatius Chama says cooperation in the universal mission of the church is a right and duty of all the baptised.

Making reference to how the lay people should be contributing to formation of Pontifical Mission Societies in Zambia, Archbishop Chama said that all members of the people of God whether as individuals or associations are called to participate in the mission of the church. “All baptised Catholic have a right and duty to actualise the mandate of the Lord to go to the whole world and preach the Gospel to every creature,” He said. Archbishop Chama further said that making real the missionary mandate of the church does not need only prayers but also financial and material support. He said this when he opened the animation workshop of the laity by Pontifical Mission Societies in Kasama town on 12th October, 2016. And Archbishop Chama has noted the importance for everyone to be aware of the nature of the collection that is done for contributing to the solidarity funds. “Motivation has to be given to all so that they know that their offering is a gesture of actualising the mission mandate of the church. From these solidarity funds the churches in mission areas do get financial support that goes towards mission activities for children, for formation of seminarians and novices, for formation and training of Catechists, for building of churches and maintenance and also for administration of dioceses,” Archbishop Chama said. The Pontifical Mission Society (PMS) National Director Fr. Edwin Mulandu is conducting Animation Workshops in all the 11 dioceses of Zambia. These workshops are also aimed at popularising Pontifical Missions such as Pontifical Missionary Union, Propagation of Faith and Pontifical Mission Society of Saint Peter the Apostle which are not well known apart from Holy Childhood.

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