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Fr. Kunda-ZCCB Communications Director

As the world commemorates World Radio Day 2017, the Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops (ZCCB) would like to celebrate with the men and women that have dedicated their time and talent to work for various radio stations in our country.

Radio has continued to play a pivotal role in the dissemination of information for people’s judgment on many issues. Journalists working for radio stations that have flourished in our country have greater influence on society, a reason why they should be carriers of information, that which is true, good and beautiful. As ZCCB we appeal to journalists, reporters, technicians and all those who work for radio stations across the country not to subject their time and resources to bring out negativity all the time, for such a trend may lead to hopelessness among the people. It may even cause divisions in society. It is not always the case that news is news when it is bad news. Even good news can also be news-though at times not attractive. We therefore urge you to try and bring out information that can bring development and benefit our society. We also make special appeal to media owners to consider the conditions of services of journalists or reporters, or any staff working for the these stations as a key priority to the running of radio stations. In as much as you are struggling to keep your stations float, you should consider your workers as key partners in your business. As the Church, we shall continue promote principles of good journalism that call for upholding ethics and promoting love and unity in all our radio stations spread across the country. Issued by Fr. Winfield Kunda, ZCCB-Communications Director

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