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Fr. Fabrizio Meroni (PIME)

Secretary General of the Pontifical Missionary Union (PMU) Fr. Fabrizio Meroni (PIME) has visited Zambia and held a meeting with Priests, Religious, Lay faithful and the Catholic Secretariat staff.

And in a meeting with Zambia Catholic Secretariat staff, Fr. Meroni said his reason of visiting is for PMU to be open and be available to listen to the local Church and pay attention to Christian experience in terms of missionary evangelisation. “I [have] come to visit the local Church in order to be helped by your experience to understand if it is possible to reform this pontifical society I have been responsible of for the last 18 months,” he explained. And in the same meeting, the local church representatives noted various challenges faced by the church in Zambia in evangelisation at diocesan and parish levels. The PMU Secretary General is also expected to meet the Association of Zambian Diocesan Catholic Clergy (AZADCC) in Mongu diocese, Religious Men and Women, Zambia Catholic University professors and Zambia Catholic professionals. Zambia Catholic professionals, is a grouping of professional Catholics drawn from various sectors of society. The Pontifical Missionary Union was founded in Italy in 1916 by Blessed Paolo Manna (PIME) with the objective of the missionary animation of priests, religious and all those engaged in the pastoral ministry of the Church.

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