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Cardinal Adam Memorial Hospital is a property of the Zambia Episcopal Conference (ZEC) and is located in Bauleni, 20 kilometers from the Central Business District of Lusaka. The hospital is named after the late Cardinal Adam Kozlowiecki, the first Archbishop of Lusaka, who made great contribution to the Catholic Church in Zambia and had a passion for the sick.

 The Hospital is currently managed by the Medical Superintended on the clinical side and the Hospital Administrator in charge of all non-clinical administration of the hospital; in consultation with ZEC through the Health Department of the Catholic Secretariat.   However, the long term plan is that the hospital will be run by a Congregation of religious sisters as Managing Agency on behalf of the Zambia Episcopal Conference.

The idea of constructing the National Catholic Hospital was conceived in 1999 when the Catholic Bishops of Zambia took time to evaluate the Health Services in Zambia. It was realized that for many years, the Catholic Church has been providing medical services through her Mission Health Institutions throughout the country both in urban and rural areas. The Catholic Health institutions are well maintained and known for provision of quality health care services. However, these health institutions have had no referral hospital of their own and depended on government health institutions such as the University Teaching Hospital (UTH). It was therefore felt that Cardinal Adam Memorial Hospital would thus be the apex and referral centre for all Catholic Church health Institutions.

Lusaka, the Capital City was deliberately chosen as the location for this National Catholic Hospital because of having readily available logistics for coordination. Moreover the presence of several government and private health facilities would facilitate networking and sharing of human and other resources among institutions.

The Hospital was opened on the 6 March 2013. Though currently offering general health care services, the ultimate goal is to operate as a Specialist Hospital. By instituting the National Catholic referral hospital, ZEC intends to improve the accessibility and affordability of quality specialist health care to the Zambian population. Fundamentally, CAMH intends to offer specialist care under four specialties being; Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Neurology, Urology and Oncology as well as other general conditions. The focus of the hospital has been drawn to these specialties as they are the most vulnerable to fatal complications especially where health care is delayed because the majority of the people cannot afford to go abroad for treatment. Additionally, it is also the intention of the hospital to provide quality diagnostic services.

Though CAMH is not a Grant aided hospital, Government through the Ministry of Health plays a major role in the provision of Health Care in Zambia and sets Standards of how quality health should be delivered. Therefore, the hospital works side by side with the Ministry of Health by abiding to the National Health Policies and following the expected procedures and protocols as outlined by the Ministry.

Services currently offered

Cardinal Adam Memorial Hospital provides both Outpatient and inpatient care in the following services

  • ·         Medical and Surgical Consultations
  • ·         Dental services,
  • ·         Minor Surgery,
  • ·         Radiology and Imaginology including ultrasound,
  • ·         Laboratory, Pharmacological and Physiotherapy services.
  • ·         Antenatal Care
  • ·         Children’s Clinic

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