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Background of Catholic Hospital The Catholic Hospital was initially conceived in 1999 after the Catholic Bishops of Zambia (ZEC) undertook an evaluative study of health services in Zambia. The study revealed that for many years the Church has not just concentrated on its primary role of Evangelization, but has been likely involved in offering community based services such as Education, Health and of late Civic Education and sensitization through Justice and Peace Programmes. Origin of the Catholic Hospital Project The idea of putting up a hospital especially for the marginalized people came as a response to the call of the many Zambians who are not able to access quality health care services and this emphasizes the church’s dedication and commitment to the mission of providing the very basic health service to our poor brothers and sisters considering that health is very important in the life of a person.

The Church has been providing health and medical services to the people of Zambia with over 60% of all medical services in the rural areas of Zambia. As a result of this, majority of the urban poor in the country only have access to medical services at District Clinics. In an effort to have a fully integrated approach in caring for the sick in Zambia, the Catholic Bishops decided to take a practical approach of building a hospital in Lusaka to act as a referral centre for specialised treatment. The hospital will also be a referral and focal point for all Catholic Health institution once operational. Main Activities of The Project Construcion Phase: The first phase has almost reached its completion stage. This phase comprises of the following:- Administration Block Pharmacy Laboratory(Bacteriology and Heamatology) Dental Room Opthalmology(Eye Clinic) X-Ray Department Ultrasound Minor Operting Theatre Common Observation Rooms Consultation and Treatment Rooms The second and third phase will commence with the availability of funds. Under these two phases, will be construction of six (6) wards; one Peadiatric ward, two (2) male wards, two (2) female wards and a maternity ward; kitchen, Laundry, Mortuary and incenarator; Convent for the Religious Sisters, three semi-detatched flats for lay volunteers, the Chapel warehouse and a Workshop. External works for this phase will include landscaping, Sewerage system, walkways and carparks. Operational Phase: The main activities in this phase will involve the actual provision of quality health and medical services to the general public especially those who do not have the means to access general medical services. In detail, the following are some of the services the Hospital will provide to the menbers of the general public:- Health Care:The Hospital will provide health care services that will include pediatrics, surgical, theatre operation services and other health related services. Challenges and Way Forward We are currently looking for funding, as one of our main construction challenges, for the remaining second and third phases. Any contacts or donations can be made to ZEC administration. Contact the Catholic Secretariat on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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