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Catholic Media Services Television Production Studios (CMSTV)

Catholic Media Services Television Production Studios (CMSTV) is a full media production house.

We are a non-profit organization that deals in professional video and audio Productions of all occasions. A CMSTV studio was established in 1991. The studio is owned by the Zambia Episcopal Conference but operates as an autonomous body with a Christian ethos.
Our Products
At CMSTV production studios we make professional videos such as documentaries for national television, adverts and musical videos. We are equipped with both Analogue and Digital non-linear editing suites.
For broadcast quality jobs, we have both Betacam SP and DV professional cameras and editing machines. If you want quality, you will come to us. We film on Mini DV and even on U-matic cameras (if you want us to). We produce optical disc (DVD) formarts for home use.
In the digital editing suite we edit on the latest Adobe premiere pro using the latest version of matrox.
Visit us
We would like to invite you to pay us a visit! We will be glad to explain more and show you some of our works. CMSTV is located outside St. Dominic’s Major Seminary in Woodlands after St. Mary’s on Leopards Hill road.
Our Staff
Our staff -are experienced and very professional indeed having worked with almost everyone in the industry in Zambia. We do most of the video shooting (filming, if you like) and editing for the advertisers Young and Rubicam. We have had a long standing partnership with Mr Jeff Sitali and the famous Boom adverts until when Mr Sitali acquired his own equipment. The chances are 50% that if you see an advert on TV it will most likely have been done by us.


Executive Director
Fr. Winfield Kunda holds an MA in Communication and Media studies (Leeds), BD (Urbaniana), Diploma in IT (NIEC) and Philosophy (Kabwe). Fr. Kunda is specialized in Alternative Media and he is also into production. Fr. Kunda teaches Journalism and Media studies especially to future and upcoming journalists.

Senior Cameraman, Editor and Sales - Mr John Simabbudu is an experienced cameraman and editor with over ten years in the industry. He edits in our analogue suite (the old faithful!). Mr. Simmabbudu is our sales representative.

He currently puts together Lumen 2000, which is usually on ZNBC-TV every Saturday at 18.30 hours. At the moment LUMEN is taking a break. Email us and tell us which topics you would like to see in the next LUMEN series to start soon.

In his spare time, Mr Simmabbudu presents his own show every Saturday afternnon from 16:00hrs at our sister studio, Yatsani radio. Catch Mr. Simmabudu on FM 99.10 every Saturday afternoon

Production and editing – Mr. Sydney Mwamainda operates our editing suite which is fully digital. He is in charge of all video productions. He has the unique distinction of being a scriptwriter, cameraman and editor all rolled into one. He is good at writing religious programmes


Mr. Vincent Phiri is our Accounts Clerk. He handles accounts files, payment vouchers, following-up receipts, issuing cheques, invoives and all other financial administrative issues. Mr. Phiri has a certificate in camera handling (TEVETA) and a certificate in Financial Accounting and Management

Ms. Joy Kongwa is our Office manager. She is our Production and Administration Assistant. She is an undergraduate student stuyding law with a bias towards communication and law. She handles front office operations, library and archives, reseach and production
Ms. Alidess Mwanza does our housekeeping and saves the whole studio from starving! She is currently decided to work on our dubbing machines for both audio and video. We cannot wait for her to start.
Tel: 260 (1) 263626
Fax: 260 (1) 263626
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